Below you’ll find some of the work I have done, no two sessions are the same & I would love to hear what you have in mind for yourself to capture your unique energy! Don’t hesitate to reach out so we can envision your dream session then make it come to life!

Couples Photography

I specialize in creating romantic, atmospheric photos that capture the love between couples. Whether you’re a newlywed couple, a couple celebrating an anniversary, or just two people in love, a photo session is a great way to commemorate your special bond. You can choose a romantic outdoor setting, an urban backdrop, or even a more classic studio setting—the possibilities are endless. It can be an intimate experience, but it can also be a fun, exciting way to express your love.

Family Photography

My goal is to capture and preserve family memories in a meaningful way. We seek to capture genuine, candid moments of love and connection between family members. The goal of emotive family photography is to create a visual story that will bring joy and evoke emotion for years to come. It is often a combination of posed and unposed shots, as well as details of everyday life and special occasions. It’s a wonderful way to remember and celebrate the people who make up your family, and to remind yourself of the love that binds you together.

Maternity Photography

Capturing the joy and anticipation of parenthood is a unique and beautiful experience, and it's even more special when you can take that emotion and turn it into a piece of art. The beauty of maternity photography is that it captures the joy and emotion of the moment that is fleeting and creates a lasting memory.

Boudoir Photography

A boudoir photoshoot can be a truly empowering experience! We create a safe space for you. Whether you choose to do it alone or with a partner, it is an opportunity to express yourself and be creative. It can be a liberating experience, as it allows you to embrace your body and be comfortable in your own skin. The photoshoot itself and seeing the results can be a confidence-boosting, self-loving experience that leaves you feeling beautiful and empowered. It is an opportunity to express yourself, celebrate your body and have fun!